In the mail from Milan

On a recent -20°C January morning, I had the pleasure of receiving several copies of WIDE magazine—the beautiful quarterly publication produced by Piaggio, makers of the famous Vespa scooter.

Three copies of the magazine arrived from Italy via Fedex, and caused instant cancellation of all my plans for the rest of the day. Among the various articles and photos of gleaming scooters, one story gave me an almost heart-stopping thrill. There, on page 45, was the cover of my book beside a picture of Maureen and I riding my Vespa on our wedding day. It’s a lovely, flattering article (Maureen was pleased to be called a ‘youthful bride’), which you can read by viewing the magazine online.

Congratulations to Piaggio on the 65th anniversary of your wonderful Vespa. As someone who has owned four of your 17 million scooters, I bow to the brilliance of your design and engineering. In the event that some of Wide’s readership finds themselves on this site, I’m posting the “Wee Vespa” chapter from my book as a free download:

Click to download “The Wee Vespa” (PDF format)

Enjoy the ride and the read!

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