A phone call from Jian

Jian GhomeshiEarlier this year, brimming with the excitement of having received my first copies The Frolicking Physio, I decided to make a short list of prominent individuals whom I felt would enjoy the book. I’ve since had the pleasure of receiving some wonderful responses, the first of which was a particular CBC personality.

It was early July, and my busy day in retirement had entailed kayaking on the lake for an hour, followed by a half hour cycle on the magnificent Rails to Trails pathway between Cranbrook and Kimberley. To my mind, that much endeavour justified a spot of lounging in the sunset. I cracked open a cool one, and gloried in the view of Mt. Fisher on the skyline.

I frowned as the phone disturbed my tranquility, but this frown soon turned to a smile of disbelief as the caller identified himself as CBC host Jian Ghomeshi! Just a week earlier, I’d sent him a copy of The Frolicking Physio and his call was to thank me for the gift of my recently published book.

“How does a Scotsman end up in the Rocky Mountains?” he asked, and in his natural conversational way he lead me into an easy chat about world travels. London, England was mentioned – the city and country of his upbringing and the location of my three-year physiotherapy training stint in the army.

There’s no comparison between my leisurely day and Jian’s hectic schedule of travel and preparation for interviews with diverse (and occasionally challenging) personalities. I’m in awe that he can converse so brilliantly with famous individuals and yet still take the time to call me to talk about my life and my book.

I’m thrilled that Jian took the time in his unimaginably busy schedule to spend five minutes on the phone with me. To me, he deserves my deep gratitude, and the old British accolade describing him as a Gentleman and a Scholar!

That kind of phone call, I can take anytime!

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